Tournaments Plus

Have you ever thought about starting a club, team or event but you were not sure on how to go about it? Has your Club or Organization ever wanted to organize a tournament or event but didnt have the knowledge on how to go about it? Then Tournaments Plus has the answers !!!

Tournaments Plus is a Company that was started in 2000 and has expanded out in North America to help people, teams and organizations. When you or your organization requires assistance we are there to help in:

1. Starting up a new club, team or organization.
2. Starting up a tournament or event.
3. Expanding an event or organization to greater heights.
4. Expanding on ideas that will benefit your club, organization or event.
5. Managing an event or tournament for you.


Tournaments Plus has 3 major areas of professionalism that will benefit You:






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Tournaments Plus also has areas of Expertise that will benefit individuals, clubs and organizations;

Sports Events - Hockey, Golf, Inline Hockey, Badminton, Baseball, Lacrosse, Snowmobile
Racing, Soccer, Motor-cross plus other related and unrelated events

Associated Events Presentations, Media, BBQs, Sponsors, Display Booths, Programs,
Photography, Dances, Hospitality Rooms, Vendors, Scheduling,
Marketing & Web Sites.

* * For further consultation or an appointment please call or e-mail at;

Brian Serniak

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